Fletcher maintains an email listserv for students (mostly) and staff (sometimes) to use for unofficial matters.  The emails’ subjects range from global injustice to lost coffee mugs, and everything in between.

Last weekend’s hot topic was a video that received worldwide attention:  Jill and Kevin’s wedding, featuring a joyous dance down the aisle by the bride and groom and their attendants.

You may have seen it (and I’m aware that there’s a shelf life for distribution of viral videos).  But even if you are a Youtube devotee, you may not have  known that one of our own 2009 Fletcher grads, Barbi Rodriguez, was among the dancing bridesmaids (first duo of sunglassed bridesmaids, on the right).  And you may not have known about the international attention that the video received, such as in Britain’s Daily Mail Online, or the Daily Telegraph of Australia, where the contestants on Dancing with the Stars will replicate the dance.  Not to mention that the wedding party was invited to recreate the procession for the Today Show (a U.S. morning news show).

I asked Barbi whether she was a willing dancer, and what her reaction was, and here’s what she wrote:  “I was definitely a willing dancer — we all were!  And we all assisted with the choreography, though it was Jill’s (the bride’s) idea, and she was the primary choreographer.   As far as my reaction goes — I am amazed and thrilled that the wedding video has touched so many people.  I know Jill and Kevin are so appreciative of all the love and support from their family and friends, and from around the world.  I am also grateful for the chance to take part in this surprisingly global celebration of love and friendship.”

So, for those few people who haven’t yet seen the video, here are Fletcher alum Barbi Rodriguez and her friends at Jill and Kevin’s wedding:


One Response to In other summer news…

  1. Rizwan Ladha says:

    That’s so fantastic! Fletcher is represented everywhere — even in viral videos. How exciting!

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