As I mentioned earlier in the summer, we’re trying an experiment this fall:  PhD Visit Days.   On Mondays October 5, October 26, and November 16, we’ll offer a little extra programming to make visits by prospective PhD applicants more valuable.  Visitors will have time in the morning and afternoon to attend classes, meet with professors, or participate in an evaluative interview.  At 12:30, we’ll offer a special Information Session to answer PhD-specific questions.  And at 3:30, current PhD candidates will be available to talk about the program.

Interested?  Step one is to ensure you meet the criteria to apply directly to the program.  If so, call us (+617/627-3040) or write to sign up.

While PhD applicants are not limited to visiting on these days, we hope you’ll take advantage of the streamlined opportunity for gathering information about the program.


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