One last little note about my vacation travels.  On the flight from Boston to London, I spotted Fletcher Professor John Hammock, who was on his way to Oxford.  Two weeks later, there he was again, on our return flight.  I was a zillion rows behind him on the way home and didn’t have a chance to say hello — though our flight was so thoroughly delayed that I could have shared my entire life’s story!

But seeing Prof. Hammock on the plane reminded me that, many years ago, I found myself on a flight from California with Professor Bill Moomaw.  No one ever wants to talk on a red-eye, but we had a chance to chat on a connecting flight from Pittsburgh (or was it Philadelphia?) to Boston.

And, there was the time that I spotted Michael Klein in the waiting area by the gates at Boston’s Logan Airport.  We were (as usual) going to London.  I think he and his family were on their way to San Juan.

And…there was the afternoon that Graham Bird and I were both waiting at Logan for family to arrive from London.  Prof. Bird teaches in Fletcher’s Summer School, but spends the off-season (i.e., the academic year) at University of Sussex.

Since I don’t really travel all that much, I attribute these shared planes and sightings to the busy travels of the Fletcher faculty.  But since I like to travel, working among so many people who have road-trip tales to share is one of the benefits of my many years at Fletcher.


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