With the U.S. Labor Day holiday coming so late this year (it’s always the first Monday in September, and the 7th is as late as it gets), the start to the academic year seems more staggered than usual.  Some local colleges and universities have started classes already, but Tufts won’t start until Tuesday.

Activity at Fletcher is definitely picking up, though, thanks to the new students who are more half-way through their Orientation.  The building is still quiet at times in the day, since many of the week’s activities take place outside (where the weather has totally cooperated), and the students certainly aren’t hanging out in the Hall of Flags as much as they soon will.

But Tuesday will be a completely different story!  Everyone will be back for “Shopping Day,” when Fletcher students can sample classes of interest and decide which to choose for the fall semester.

I consider the day after Labor Day to be the official start to the new Admissions season, and I’ll be back next week with special introductions to the Admissions staff.  Meanwhile, note that the Admissions Office, like the rest of the University, will be closed on Monday.


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