We like to do our part to help our applicants put together a good application.  It may seem strange that the Admissions Office drops these hints, but we far prefer reading well-crafted applications to those that are, well, tossed together.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve compiled a bunch of tips that you can scroll through by clicking on the “Admissions Tips” category.  There are some that are so important that I won’t wait for you to find them on your own.  The first is:  Make sure that all your documents come to us with the same name on them. There are many reasons why applicants have different names on their documents:  change of surname following marriage; error by the testing services; different transliterations of spellings in another writing system; etc., etc., etc.  But the bottom line is that you should not leave it to us to figure out which documents go into your application file.  You need to tell us!  Send us a note that says your transcript will have a different name on it.  Then we’ll have the chance to pull everything together and make your application complete.

More tips will be coming.  Meanwhile, check out what’s there already.

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