This has been a busy week — so busy that I haven’t been able to generate a creative blog post.  I spent much of my time finalizing the schedule of volunteers who will conduct evaluative admissions interviews for us this fall.  It’s a great crew, and I always feel so happy and grateful that we have these fabulous students willing to donate their time.

This morning, because the schedule was so close to complete, Roxana sent a note to prospective students suggesting that they book an interview appointment.  No exaggeration:  the phones have not stopped ringing all day!  I guess people like to receive an invitation.  Didn’t get one of Roxana’s emails?  Consider this your invitation!  Book your interview appointment now!

For now, all I have to add is two reminders:  October 15 is the deadline for applications for January enrollment.  November 15 is the deadline for Early Notification applications for September enrollment.  I’ll be back next week with more to say via the blog.


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