Today, October 15, is the deadline for applications for January enrollment at Fletcher.  So while it marks a point of completion for those who have now submitted their applications, the day also represents a starting point for those of us in Admissions.

During the next few weeks, we’ll be pouring over January 2010 applications (while also pursuing travel and other fall activities), and then we’ll confer with the Admissions Committee to make decisions.  No rest for us then, because November 15 will bring the next set of applications — Early Notification for September 2010 enrollment.  EN decisions are generally made by the end of the year, but then PhD applications (January 1) and general applications for September enrollment in the other programs (January 15) roll in.

This is the work we look forward to all year.  The chance to “interact” with applicants through their applications and beyond, as prospective students make their decisions on where to pursue graduate study.

So here we go!  The 2009-2010 application reading and review period begins today.


2 Responses to And we're off!

  1. Good question, JC. Though we don’t send decisions in advance for international students, the timeline for the entire process is guided by the need to give international students a chance to apply for their visas. It’s definitely tight, but our students have generally been successful so far.

  2. JC says:

    Hi, will decision notification be earlier for international students, due to the extra time needed for visa processing? Thanks.

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