There are still a few members of Team Admissions to be introduced.  The as-yet-unpresented members of the student staff tell you about themselves below.

First in today’s line-up, Amy:

Welcome to the Fletcher Admissions blog. I wish I had had good Internet access during the application process, because once I discovered the blog (a few days before the application deadline), I found it to be really helpful.

I’m Amy, a first year MALD and the only “Double Jumbo” student worker in the Office of Admissions.  My concentrations are International Security and Human Security.  I’m one of those typical Fletcher students who hates the question “Where are you from?”  I was born in the U.S., but was raised in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.

Before coming to Fletcher I served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo, West Africa.  I worked with an AIDS treatment and care center; however, my favorite Peace Corps memories are of the days spent on my front porch, watching my posse of small children being wowed by Pop Rocks and other care-package goodies sent by my friends and family.  I also worked with the World Food Programme in Timor-Leste developing monitoring and evaluation skills.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Good luck!

Next, David, the one student in the office who is studying in the MIB program:

Greetings!  Life at Fletcher has been busy since I first arrived on campus a little more than a month ago.  As a student in the MIB program, I can say that every one of my classmates represents an extraordinary and diverse foundation of business, language, and international experience.  I came to Fletcher after three years of work in operations and supply chain management for a major jet engine manufacturer.  In this role, I coordinated and managed production initiatives in South Korea and Israel.

While at Fletcher, I plan on studying strategic management and consulting, while concentrating on micro-finance projects.  Ideally, I’d welcome an opportunity to work with infrastructure development in Latin America and am confident Fletcher will give me the tools and experience to reach this goal.  I look forward to working with all of you in the coming months!

Continuing along in alphabetical order:  J.R.

My name is J.R., and I just started studying here at The Fletcher School.  I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio — and have a lot of Cleveland pride — but as there aren’t too many international opportunities in “the Cleve” these days, I haven’t lived there for a long time.

After I graduated from college, I enrolled in an intensive summer Mandarin Chinese Language Program at Middlebury College, and then moved to China.  I spent the next eight months teaching English and trying to learn Chinese in Beijing.  Eight months of teaching English seemed like enough, so I quit and began a three-month solo backpacking trip through Western China and Burma.  I spent my second year in Beijing as a paralegal and, after sticking around for the Olympics, moved back to the U.S.

While at Fletcher, I’m interested in studying U.S. foreign policy, Chinese foreign policy, and the potential sources of cooperation and conflict between these countries.

And, finally (last but not least), Virgínia:

Oi! my name is Virgínia and I am a second-semester MALD student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This is my first semester working in the Admissions Office, and I am looking forward to meeting and learning about the many amazing applicants. It will be inspiring to see that the next generation of students is equally astounding and accomplished as my class.

My fields of study are International Business Relations and Development Economics, and I am considering self-designing a field in International Training and Education.  I have been involved in the International Business Club, Latin American Group, Global Women, and the International Development Group.  When I have  free time I try to play a little bit of tennis or soccer, and dance Salsa with the Fletcheros.

This past summer I was an instructor of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in a summer school program for middle school and high school students in New Hampshire.  It was a very rewarding job, but whether this new experience will lead me to a career in an academic setting is still in the air.  After Fletcher I hope to work in a setting where I can interact with a diverse body of people on a daily basis while promoting development internationally and locally.

So that’s our student staff!  Contact the Office by phone or email, and it just might be Amy, David, J.R., or Virgínia who answers your questions.


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