What I’m learning lately is that, while I can more-or-less effectively multitask with various activities, I can’t write for the blog unless I have a little uninterrupted time and a little spare brain power.  Yesterday’s post was started early in the morning, but wasn’t finished until toward the end of the day.  I was hoping for some creativity today, but I don’t think I’m going to find it.  And yet, with Early Notification applications due on Sunday the 15th, and the majority of our applicants cranking up the effort on the applications for January 15, I should be sharing info as much as possible.  I’ll try to do better!

Yesterday was a crazy day around here.  We had the second of our three experimental MIB Visit Days.  There were about nine MIBers, plus the same number of visitors for the other programs, and a small delegation from a university in Korea.  At 12:30, the visitors headed off for info sessions, but we also had a lunch meeting with our one-year MA students.  All the relevant staff and participants for the three 12:30 activities were lurking around the Admissions Office at the same time — a smallish crowd, but in a very small space.  We could barely get in and out of the door.

And I think we set our own office record for number of interviews completed in a day.  Even with two cancellations, students and staff completed 11 interviews.  Given that only five or so years ago we only offered 20 interviews in a week, 11 in a day felt like an accomplishment.

And, speaking of interviews, there are still appointments open, but the number shrinks by the day.  If you plan to participate in an evaluative interview, the time to book it is now.  Some applicants have already been disappointed to learn there are no times open on the day they hoped to visit, so don’t wait any longer.

One last admin note:  The Office will be closed tomorrow, November 11, for the Veteran’s Day public holiday.


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