Thanksgiving weekend was lots of fun, but also tiring, making the return to work feel like a bit of a rest.  All the more so when someone else gives me two good ideas for the blog!  Both of the stories exist elsewhere on the Fletcher site, but I’m going to include them anyway, for those who may have missed them.

The first is Prof. Uvin’s op-ed comments on development studies at Fletcher.  As he notes, about a quarter of our graduates are going into development careers, which probably means that about a quarter of the blog readers are pointed in that direction, too.  Check out his thoughts on the topic.

The other is just a happy bit of news for those of us who have been hanging out at Fletcher for a long time.  It has been really interesting to see so many of our alumni taking new U.S. government p0sts.  The latest is Erin Conaton.  In my first Fletcher career, she worked with me as a student staffer.  I remember her well, including (as the article mentions), her gift for getting along with people.  She’s a real peach.

Time, now, for me to read some applications.  Most Early Notification applications will have been reviewed by the end of this week.  Then we’ll move into the final decision and processing phase.


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