Laurie, Peter, and Jeff are at a full-day meeting today, which leaves the office quiet, particularly since the students who are in the building are hidden somewhere, preparing for exams or writing papers.  While I’m thinking about how quiet Fletcher will be during the next few weeks, I should give you a run-down of the Admissions Office schedule.

This week (December 14 to 18), we’re open every day during normal office hours (9:00 to 5:00).

Next week (December 21 to 25), we will be open during normal hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The office (along with the rest of the University) will be closed on Thursday and Friday.  Just about all of us will be taking at least a day of vacation, so you may receive an “out of office” message if you email us directly.  We’ll get back to you!

The week of December 28 to January 1, the office will again be open during normal hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and closed on Thursday and Friday.  Note that applications to the PhD program are due on Friday, January 1. While it’s true that we won’t see them until we’re back at work on Monday the 4th, the applications will be stamped with the date/time of submission.

The week of January 4 to January 8, the office will be open.  Visitors may want to note that there will be very few students at the School during that period.

I don’t expect any changes to this schedule, but I’ll certainly update the blog if we close the office at any additional times.


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