Today’s my last day of work before I string together a few University holidays, a few vacation days, and a few Wednesdays off, that together carry me to January 4.  I’m looking forward to time at home with my family (my son will be back this afternoon), some movies and reading, and a few days in New Orleans.

If you’re an applicant to the PhD program, you’re probably finishing up your application so that it will arrive before the January 1 deadline.  If you’re applying to one of the other programs, you have extra time before the January 15 deadline, but remember that you don’t need to wait until the last minute!

Whenever your application is due, you won’t hear much from us during the weeks that follow.  The process of compiling, reading, discussing, and deciding on applications keeps us pretty busy.  I’ll post to the blog, but there won’t be as many email updates, etc., as you may have become accustomed to (for better or worse).  I’d like to describe it as a break from the stresses of applying to grad school, but I  know it can be an even-more-stressful period of waiting to hear.  Try to relax anyway!

I haven’t provided many application tips this year — I must be out of new ideas.  I encourage you to scroll through the posts archived in the Admissions Tips category.  There may be something useful there for you.

Please remember that the Office of Admissions will be closed on Thursday and Friday both this week and next.  Happy holidays to everyone!

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