Pop pop pop — that’s the sound of applications popping out of our system after applicants click “submit.”  I don’t have real data, but my back of the envelope calculation looks like this:

Last year’s application total minus applications already in
= nearly 1000 applications to be received this weekend


(Applications already in would include last fall’s EN applications, the PhD applications due January 1, and a modest batch from advance planners.)

Our bins of sorted credentials — the bins are blue, so we call them (You guessed it!) blue bins — are bursting at the seams.  Compiling applications involves pulling materials out of the blue bins and putting them into application folders.  By ten days from now, the blue bins will be back to a more normal state, replaced by boxes of ready-to-read applications.

Next week, much of our attention will stay focused on the process of compiling applications, but students are back on Tuesday and I’m sure I’ll find something to report via the blog.


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