We had our weekly team meeting yesterday and talked briefly about application numbers.  Last year, we actively wondered how the poor economy would affect the applicant pool.  By this year, we have become accustomed to the unpredictability, and the “wondering” is a little less active.  That doesn’t mean we’re not curious, so it was time to check in.

And it looks like, if you have been worried that you’ll be up against a tidal wave of other applicants all trying to squeeze into the entering class, you can rest a little easy.  We still have an application deadline in front of us, but we can get a general sense of the year’s pool by looking at how many applications we had received at this time last year.  Based on those records, we expect we’ll receive more applications than in 2009, but only by a small margin.

That’s good news for us (admissions people always like to report that our application numbers are up) and for you (no massive herd of competitors for a slot).  A win-win!


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