This is my daughter Kayla’s vacation week.  The break from the usual school schedule (and other activities that come with it) slows the pace for Paul and me, too.  We can wake up a bit later, and I’ve been enjoying a little t.v. with Kayla in the evenings — a dose of Olympic coverage or other programs that I wouldn’t usually take time for.   Almost feels like I’m on vacation, too.


With the application cycle heading into the final phase, my days in the office are increasingly frenzied, and I’m trying to pack even more applications into my reading days.  I split my reading time this week between Wednesday and Thursday, and used the remaining hours to help Kayla take care of a few things.

This fractured existence led to early morning reading while Kayla slept, a small batch of apps while she had her hair cut on Wednesday, and a bigger bunch while we waited for her number to come up at the Registry of Motor Vehicles on Thursday.  (Got her learner’s permit.  Woo hoo!  An American rite of passage.)  And then more applications when we returned home, having accomplished our other errands.

Today I’m back in the office — ready to grab a hot cup of something before the start of the Admissions Committee meeting.  I may have snagged an extra 15 minutes of zzz’s this morning, but it’s definitely not vacation time around here.


4 Responses to Fractured existence

  1. Thanks Teerayut and Pon! I’ll need to keep striving to post more frequently!

  2. Pon Sagnanert says:

    I agree with Teerayut. Checking the blog every morning (and often several times a day) has become a ritual for me as well. Thanks Jessica and staff for the update and a sneak-peak into admission decision process. I can’t wait until the decisions are released!

  3. Teerayut says:

    Besides, you may not have idea how eagerly and happily I look through my newly received emails all day everyday just to see if any school, especially Fletcher has landed anything in my email account. For these updates, even though they are not the anticipated great surprises, they are really my GOOD friends around these months.

    For all other readers, I’m not pleasing her, and I am certain that other applicants might feel the same.

  4. Teerayut says:

    Thank you for keeping us posted on application phases. It has calmed my anxiety in times, disregarding the fact that I will get in or not, at least now I know what’s going on in the process that I have involved.

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