This morning we have the last meeting of the Admissions Committee for the MALD and MA programs!  Woo hoo!  This has been a great committee.  The students are fabulous readers, and the professors provide such insightful comments and guidance.  I’m always sorry to see the weekly meetings come to an end, but it’s also exciting to move on to new activities.  Coming up:  sorting and more sorting of applications, until we have the final lists.

Next week I’m going to post information  on the different decision options — there’s more to it than just admit and deny!  Meanwhile, before I kick up everyone’s anxiety, I want you to know that the MIB, LLM, and PhD committees still have some work to do and will continue meeting for the next two weeks or so.  We’re getting close!  But we’re definitely not there yet.  In fact, we’ll be toiling away tomorrow — we’ll all set other work aside and focus on the aforementioned sorting, along with other tasks.  A day of complete focus, without phones ringing or visitors to the office, will leave us in a good position come Monday.

So far, we’re on track for our release date.  When is that, you ask?  As soon as possible, is my answer.  So now I’ll head off to Committee — a necessary step if we’re going to release decisions soon.


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