We’re in the final stretch of the admissions process here, and it’s time to have the processing specialists take over.

Unfortunately, there are no specialists.  Just us!  But we’re inching closer and closer to decision time.  As I’ve been saying to all the people writing in, the outer limit of our window to release the first big batch of decisions will be March 19, and we certainly hope we’re not pushed out that far.  The remaining small batch of decisions (for some MIB, LLM, and PhD applicants) should (again, if everything goes right) be out by Monday, March 22.

We’ve closed the office and are doing our checking and double-checking.  Errors at this point in the process are not well received, to be sure.

I wish I had something more specific to say, but these few comments will have to do the trick.  We’re still working!  Thanks for hanging in there so patiently!


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