What a crazy process this turns out to be.  Laurie told me this morning (via email — we’re not working today) that she and Roxana were struggling to post decisions last night as hits to GAMS slowed or brought down the system.  Applicants were confirming they would accept a spot on the waitlist even before emails went out to tell everyone to check the system.  Wow!

Since there are still a few questions out there about logging in, I just wanted to say this.  The heavy traffic on the GAMS site has made it impossible for people to log in at many points since yesterday evening, but eventually they’ve been successful.  If you still aren’t able to access your decision on Monday, please email us.

Thank you to everyone for dealing patiently with the technology glitches.


3 Responses to We did it. More or less.

  1. Hmmm. Arun, I’m not sure what else could be going on. My only thought on why a MALD application might not have a decision would be that the application never became complete. It could be worth checking your record to be sure no critical pieces remained missing. I’m pretty confident we released decisions for all MALD and MA applications — but that would not include applications that never became complete. Please contact us tomorrow if you still have questions.

    Michael, “server error” still sounds like system problems. Contact the office (phone or email) tomorrow if you still can’t access the decision.


  2. Michael says:


    After a while, I was able to log in without any problem. But I am still not able to access my decision page. It just constantly shows a “server error” message.

  3. Arun says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks a bunch for keeping us updated over the entire admissions process. I was wondering if all the MALD decisions that were supposed to be released (the 90% you mentioned) have been uploaded on GAMS. Or are there a few decisions yet to be put up on Monday?

    I sure hope there are, since I haven’t received an email, and would dread to think that I’d fall in the March 23 bracket!


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