Continuing my orientation by links, you probably want to get up-to-speed on local news before you arrive, and there are plenty of resources for you.

Boston is a great news town.  There aren’t many cities of Boston’s size that still have two daily newspapers.  We have the broadsheet Boston Globe, and the tabloid-sized (and, sometimes, tabloid-sensibility) Boston Herald.  More local, the Somerville Journal.  Most local of all, the Tufts Daily.

If you want to listen to your news, instead of reading it, we have two good National Public Radio stations:  WBUR and WGBH.  Want to get up to speed on sports-crazy Boston and our beloved teams, check out the new “sports hub.”  The television stations, WHDH and WBZ also have the stories of the hour on their sites.

Connect yourself to these news outlets and you’ll be on your way to chatting with and like the locals!


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