Monday is the Massachusetts Patriot’s Day holiday.  We’ll remember the early battles of the War for Independence and keep an eye on the results of the Boston Marathon.  There’s a nice group of Fletcher students who will run as members of the Tufts Marathon Challenge team.  Give a cheer for Dan Gallucci, Ken Hammond, Trevor McNeil, Elsa Palanza, Deirdre Roy, Jeffrey Smith, Dave Viola, and Roxane Wilber, all of whom have honed their running skills with help from marathon guru Coach Don Megerle, in exchange for raising $1000 for Tufts community outreach around nutrition and exercise.

Normal Admissions Office hours will prevail tomorrow (Friday) and Tuesday the 20th when, as it happens, admitted students who have been awarded a scholarship should submit their enrollment decision.  Any last questions?  Make sure you ask tomorrow or Tuesday morning, at the latest.

By Wednesday, we’ll have a good, but still incomplete, picture of the entering class, with the remaining enrollment decisions due May 1.

Also due May 1 are the responses from applicants offered a place on the waitlist.

To those waitlisted candidates who are anxiously monitoring the enrollment process, we haven’t forgotten you!  We’re going to need to track enrollment for a while longer, but at the same time, we’ll be figuring out who has remained on the waitlist.  We’ll also review the additional materials that many of you have sent in.  I’ll post updates at fairly regular intervals to let you  know where things stand.

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4 Responses to April 15 — The enrollment view from today

  1. Thanks, Tan. Subhash had asked specifically about the US News and World Report survey, which has never included professional schools of international relations.


  2. Tan says:

    HI Subhash

    This is the ranking used by Foreign Policy Magazine..go to Question 55

    I hope this helps.. Normally they don’t rank the “school,” but the University as a whole.


  3. Hi Subhash,
    In the past, Fletcher hasn’t fit any of the US News categories. I just looked through the list. Public affairs would be closest but, as you noted, Fletcher isn’t there and neither are our peers. The international politics category refers to traditional academic departments. Multidisciplinary programs such as Fletcher’s just don’t neatly fit anywhere!

    Thanks for keeping an eye on it for us!

  4. My inquiry is not related to the above post but I was wondering about Fletcher’s ranking? Although I do not care about it and want to go here anyway, I could not find the school in the USNews ranking published today? Does this school not fit in any of their categories?

    I am sure Jessica has some answers/thoughts on this ?

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