We regularly see notices (official and less-than-official) when our students do something special.  In the past ten days or so, details of two particularly special honors came over the news wire.  The first is that three Fletcher students were among the 13 recipients of the Harold W. Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations.  Congratulations Beau Barnes, James (Jamie) Ermath, and David Wallsh!

And, particularly cool are the results of the Tufts 6th Annual $100,000 Business Plan Competition.  Big congratulations to the Masawa team of Shailesh Chitnis, Darius Hyworon, Joshua Haynes, Marian Levin, Christine Martin, and Julie Zollman for their plan for developing an integrated technology platform to function on smartphones.  They competed in the Social Entrepreneurship category.

The Fletcher KoffeeLINK team, led by Hayden Kwast, took second place in the Classic Business Plan Competition.

Both Masawa and KoffeeLINK will receive funds to bring their plans to fruition.

Great job, everyone!

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