Spare-time writing

Fletcher students tend to find the workload pretty challenging.  (New students are sometimes surprised by how much harder they work than they expected.)  So, after a long day on campus of reading, writing, and ruminating, many like to head home and crack open a nice cold…

…laptop, and do some extracurricular reading, writing, and ruminating.

Students are making an increasingly broad mark on online publications and forums.  Here are a  few examples, to which the writers themselves referred me:

First-year MALD student Elise Crane’s writing can be found in American Diplomacy, and the Huffington PostTwice!

Tim Ridout (second-year MALD) also writes for the Huffington Post, and for the Christian Science Monitor.

And Adam Welti (second-year MALD) wrote about nuclear energy at

And there are plenty more.  Check out the list of columns and op-eds on the Fletcher News and Media page.

Naturally, not all students want to wait for publications to present their work.  Among the student bloggers are:

Rizwan Ladha (first-year MALD) on IR and nuclear weapons themes.
Carlos Munoz (second-year MALD) on the environment.
Chris Murray
(first-year MALD) on Sino-American relations.

Check the complete list (some updated, others a little less so) on the blog site.

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