An unusual aspect of admissions work at Fletcher, as compared (for example) to marketing a typical consumer product, is that our competitors are also our friends.  Fletcher is hosting a meeting today of the Admissions Group (directors and a few others) of APSIA, which has done a great deal over the years to establish the concept of a professional school of international affairs.  Those of you who have already gone through the admissions process may have attended an APSIA forum.  If you’re just getting started on the process, you should try to attend one of these fairs in the fall, as they’re targeted to the interests of current and future international affairs professionals.

Also at today’s meeting, I had a chance to chat briefly with my blogetition from Columbia.  Matt’s blog covers SIPA a bit more broadly than the Fletcher admissions blog is tasked to do, but there are always topics that we both tackle.


2 Responses to APSIA Admissions

  1. Thanks, Debbie! And I’ll pass your comment along to Matt.

  2. Debbie C. says:

    I really enjoy both of your blogs and I find them both extremely informative sources of information. They are helpful, not just for your specific programs, but even for graduate school application in general. They definitely have different styles and tones in the writing, and I think that may reflect some of the differences between the programs. At times they also introduce entertaining glimpses of life on campus and in the northeast, which this California girl especially appreciates.

    Thanks for keeping us updated! I wish everyone did this.


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