Ready to plan a visit?

Our focus this month may be on graduating students, continuing students, and incoming students, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten there are prospective students out there.  And some of those prospective students may want to plan a visit.

I’ll be honest — we don’t encourage visits in the summer.  While you can certainly get a sense of the building and the neighborhood, Fletcher isn’t Fletcher without the vibrant student community in place.  But every year, applicants contact us and say that the summer is the only time they can visit.  In that case, OF COURSE we’ll welcome you.  Come on over!

We’ll start summer information sessions on Monday, June 7 and continue nearly weekly through the beginning of August.  We’ll also offer interviews on an as-needed basis — we don’t have a regular daily schedule of interviews, but we’ll work something out for you.  While you’re here, you can wander around the building, check out the library, and possibly attend an end-of-day summer school class.  It’s not a great substitute for a fall semester visit, but it’s a whole lot better than no visit at all.

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