Much of the summer is taken up with preparing for the coming admissions cycle.  We met as a group for a half day yesterday to talk about our policies and procedures, and to figure out what we should be working on.  There’s plenty to keep us busy!

But, meanwhile, there’s also a little bit of the work that characterizes fall in the admissions office.  We have our Monday information sessions, and we’ve done some interviewing on an as-needed basis.  And this week, we’ve sent Jeff out on the road.  You’ll find him tonight behind the Fletcher table at the Idealist Fair in New York, and tomorrow he’ll be behind a similar table in D.C.

If you’re just beginning your grad school research, consider attending one of the Idealist fairs.  Even when they’re a little crazy, the fairs are an efficient way for you to pick up a lot of information in a short period of time.  We’ll be participating in more Idealist and APSIA fairs in the fall, but if you happen to attend this week, be sure to stop by and say hi to Jeff while you’re there.


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