Before the judges even had a chance to rule on the Dessert Baking Contest, I had heard from Kristen that yesterday wasn’t a good day for baking because little Lucia isn’t well.  Maybe it wasn’t a good day for Jeff, either, but he certainly had tons of time to bake:   cupcakes (didn’t release from pan), cookies (several batches — one that melted into a mega cookie, one that the dog ruined, and one that he almost left behind, but threw onto a plate at the last minute), and a rum cake.

As you might guess from Kristen’s unhappy comment on my earlier post, her cookies were delicious but, well, not delicious enough.

Jeff, on the other hand, snagged third prize with the cookies he managed to keep out of the mouth of the dog.

First prize (mini chocolate cake balls) and second prize (strawberry-rhubarb pie) went to other members of the Fletcher staff.

If I’m a lucky blogger, Kristen and Jeff will spend the coming year plotting their revenge.


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