Lunch today will be with the staff from the Office of Career Services (OCS).  We like to connect with them periodically to find out what they’re thinking.  The Admissions Office is the first point of contact for students, while the partnership with Career Services continues through to the end of a student’s Fletcher experience and beyond.  Together, we confront an interesting challenge.  A key measure that OCS uses in evaluating itself is through students’ success in finding internships and permanent jobs.  But Admissions needs to select students who both have the potential for employment and, also, will succeed academically during the in-class time leading to graduation.  This is one of the points that keeps our admissions process from becoming formulaic.

Beyond the general content of today’s conversation, we’ll also talk about LLM and MIB, our newest degree programs, and how we work with their applicants/students/alumni.  The first MIB and second LLM classes just graduated, so it’s time to break out the pencils and start analyzing the data they left behind.

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