Well, I didn’t have much luck in convincing incoming students to share their blogs with us.  I think the newbies like to maintain a low profile.  Or maybe they’re counting on Fletcher to turn them into bloggers.  Either way, just a few incoming, outgoing, or current students have sent me links to their blogs since my last list.  No matter — there’s some good stuff in these links!

First up, Emily Huston, who says, “You can read about my experiences as a Boren Fellow in Djibouti, which I’m contributing to Somalilandpress.”  Her first posting went up last week.

Kealy Sloan writes, “I’m in Colombia working at a school in a district with a majority of displaced kids.”  Working and blogging, that is.

Kelsi Stine is blogging from Sri Lanka.  She notes:  “Heads up that my blog, tracking my summer internship with The Asia Foundation in Sri Lanka, targets a wide audience, but I still plan to have plenty of Sri Lanka political content, and to use tags and headings so serious readers can avoid the vacation information.”

Finally, incoming student Elia Boggia is both a blogger and a twitterer.  He tells us:  “I’m an incoming MALD student, and have been living in northern Iraq for the better part of this year.  I’ve been writing about my experiences, with a slant towards cultural observations and football-related comments, on Sar Chaw.”  Note that he blogs in English and Italian!

I’ve really enjoyed reading the students’ blogs.  I hope there’s something in today’s post, or in a previous list (this one or this one), that interests you, too.


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