Last year, we experimented with inviting MIB and PhD applicants to campus for daylong programs tailored to their application process and interests.  The precise design of each Visit Day depends on the degree program, the number of attendees, and other activities going on at the School.  But the general outline is a special (targeted) Information Session, evaluative interviews, class visits, and the opportunity to meet current students.

The motivations for offering Visit Days are slightly different for the two programs.  For PhD, the application process is complicated, and it’s particularly important that our students be well-matched with the expertise and resources at the School.  For MIB — a new program — applicants tend to have a lot of focused questions, and the Visit Day gives us a chance to provide the information they need.

The dates for the fall’s Visit Days are:

MIB:  September 20, October 18; November 8; December 6.  All of those dates are Mondays.

PhD:  Tuesday, October 19; Monday, November 15.

We encourage MIB and PhD program applicants to schedule their visits for one of these dates, but please don’t think you’re limited to them.  You’re welcome any time.


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