Though many of this year’s applicants don’t yet know they’re going to apply, I always consider the first day of classes to be the start not only of the academic year, but also of the new admissions cycle, and it’s the point when I like to welcome readers to the Admissions blog.  Welcome!

The objective of the blog is to provide insight into the admissions process and information about Fletcher.  That’s pretty wide open, and a year’s blog entries will range from straightforward descriptions of School activities to suggestions on how to complete the application correctly (and maybe to suggestions of restaurants for your Fletcher visit).

Whether you’ve been following the blog through the summer or you just tuned in, feel free to explore the archives stored within the categories.  I’ve tried to keep everything very straightforward and streamlined.  Planning a visit?  Check out the “Our Neighborhood” category.  Ready to prepare your application?  Be sure to check the “Admissions Tips.”  There’s info (both silly and serious) about the staff in the (you guessed it) “Our Staff” category.  You get the idea.

I welcome comments on the blog, including questions that would have broad interest.  (If you have a question specific to your own application, it’s best to use email.)  And be sure to let me know if there’s a topic you think I should cover.  I’m always searching for ideas.

So, again, welcome to Fletcher Admissions and the blog for 2010-2011.  Looking forward to sharing information with you throughout the year!


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