Finally, I can see the end of September — always my busiest month at home and work.  One-by-one, I’ve completed the items on the extended to-do list in my head.  Blog migration to a new address.  Check.  Assign interviewers to their time slots.  Check.  (A process that goes like this:  Write in a name.  Erase.  Erase.  Erase.  Try again.  Erase.  Erase.  Erase.  After many iterations, every time slot has an interviewer, and every interviewer has a time slot.)

Despite the completion of some tasks, there’s still a lot to remember, and a subset of my mental list is upcoming blog topics.  I’m ready to start offering application tips, as well as to provide a more detailed picture of the Fletcher community.  Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a hint on how to avoid the most common mistake that results in incomplete applications.


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