The office is hoppin’  today.  Our morning started with an 8:15 interviewer but no 8:15 interviewee.  (Never the preferred way to kick off the week — please contact us if you can’t attend your interview).  Happily, by 9:00, the well-oiled machine was back up and running.

In addition to our usual busy Monday interview schedule, we have a bunch of prospective MIBers visiting.  Tomorrow is the PhD Visit Day, so we’ll have two days of unusually heavy traffic.  Each of the Visit Days ends up organized slightly differently (depending on the number of attendees and other factors), but they’re an efficient way for prospective students to gather information on these programs.

Because my day tomorrow begins with the PhD visitors but ends with my own visit to Boston College, I’m afraid it will be a low-blog week.  Whenever I can put aside the time to write, I hope to introduce you to our student interns.


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