So I’m walking through the Hall of Flags, and I see what I think is a caterpillar creeping across a student’s upper lip.  And there’s another!  And another!  Either there’s a bizarre infestation, or it must be Movember, a multi-national campaign to raise awareness of cancers that affect men, using moustaches as the medium.

Fletcher men have jumped into Movember with both feet, raising awareness and money along the way.  According to my Movember expert, Patrick, there are two teams at Fletcher this year (one — Fletcher Fluff — mostly first-years, the other — Mustache Muchachos — mostly second-years).  He says they’ve engaged in friendly competition, but also worked together, including organizing a pub night that packed the place and raised about $530.

Amazingly, there are nearly 50 Fletcher men who are willing to endure the moustache-growing process, not to mention the pained reactions of friends and family to the upper-lip facial hair.  The teams have raised nearly $6,000 so far, with a goal to surpass last year’s $7,000.  I have to say that there are some very “interesting” (if you know what I mean) grooming decisions among this year’s moustache sporters, but it’s all in a good cause.  The rest of the community is pleased to root on the Movemberists and their creative approach to fundraising, even as we cringe when obliged to speak to the ‘stache.


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