Early Notification applications are in a range of states:  some are stuck in a box awaiting missing materials; others have already been evaluated and are on their way to final Committee review and processing.  The way that the calendar fell — with November 15 being a Monday, giving us only one pre-Thanksgiving weekend to read applications — I fear an end-of-process rush is in front of us.  But we’ll deal with that when the time comes.  First, it’s Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is just about my favorite day of the year, whether we’ll be celebrating with a crowd or a small group.  It’s the most inclusive of American holidays, and I enjoy hearing people’s plans, as well as how they adapt the holiday to their cultural traditions.  I also like to bake, and Thanksgiving provides a good audience for whatever I create.  So tomorrow I’ll spend the day with all the ingredients spread over my counter and a steady procession of pies and cakes going in and out of the oven.  We’ll have 11 family members and friends for dinner on Thursday and, in a still-evolving tradition, 13 for a post-movie dinner on Friday.

Later in the weekend, I’ll take time to review a small pile of applications.  Mixing Thanksgiving and applications has, of necessity, become my own annual ritual.  If your weekend may include both Thanksgiving and preparing an application to Fletcher, start by taking a little time to review the posts in the blog’s Admissions Tips category.

Please note that the office will be closed on both Thursday and Friday for the holiday.  We’ll all be back on Monday.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

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