Between Early Notification applications, PhD applications due December 20, and regular (January 15) applications, nearly all applicants will have been heard from by 11:59 tomorrow night (Eastern Standard Time = GMT-5).  We complicate our own lives with a few late deadlines, especially for those not seeking scholarship support, but even applicants with external funding tend to aim for January 15.

(If you have any last application questions, don’t forget our “virtual office hours” this morning!)

The office staff will be working at maximum effort for the next week, which will be about the time we need to process the applications for which we’ve received all needed materials.  We’ll be closing our doors every morning to minimize interruptions.

But, meanwhile, student life is gearing up after the winter break.  Yesterday and today, while continuing students are participating in the New York career trip, our newest students, the Januarians, are attending Orientation.  On Tuesday, the Hall of Flags will be buzzing with happy “shoppers” — students sampling an assortment of classes on shopping day.  And classes start on Wednesday.

So off we go — heading straight into the busiest time of year.

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