The most recent annual Fletcher student ski trip took place this past weekend.  I’m not sure exactly how many trips preceded this one, but it’s not a large number.  (I wrote about it in 2009, which might have been the second year.)  But the interesting thing is how quickly the trip has become a celebrated Fletcher tradition.  More than 400 students, spouses, friends, and even some children attend each year as part of the Fletcher group.  I hear that Sugarloaf also accommodates a few people not from Fletcher, but outsiders may have been flummoxed by lift-line conversations about Role of Force or International Finance.

For many students, the trip is their first exposure to snow sports.  Last year, it may even have been their first exposure to snow.  This year, it was certainly a test of everyone’s ability to tolerate cold temperatures, as well as 1980s ski attire (which was the theme of the planned Saturday night party).  But there was plenty of warmth off the slopes.  There’s nothing like a ski trip with 450 of your Fletcher friends.


2 Responses to The making of a tradition

  1. Thanks, Matthew! The skiers will be on their way this weekend. I’ll try to write something about it.

  2. Matthew B Nelson says:


    Just an FYI: I organized the first Fletcher ski trip to Cannon in 2006 and then the first large group ski trip to Sugarloaf in January 2007. We had more than 120 go to the loaf that first year, and it grew quickly from there. I would love to go again!

    Matthew Nelson MALD ’07

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