It took me a few weeks to remember why I always post less from January to March than I do at other times in the year.  We’re busy — but our work is also, in some ways, routine and uninteresting.  On the other hand, it’s the routine and uninteresting work that results in a timely release of decisions in March.

This winter’s weather has definitely had an impact on our office, but we’re finding ways to work around it.  Fortunately, we’ve had ample notice before each new storm, and we all bring applications home to read.  We’ve also been encouraging our student readers to consider the weather when deciding how many applications to sign out.  So application review and the Admissions Committee process have been moving along pretty smoothly.  The weather has had a greater impact on application processing.  The University was closed yesterday, and we had a late start one day last week, so we need to pick up the pace on days when staff and students are in the office.  Applicants may experience a delay in when their Graduate Application Management System records indicate that their applications are complete, but we’re getting closer to the bottom of the pile of files waiting for processing.

Winter’s far from over.  But whether or not there’s more snow in front of us, rest assured that our work sleds along.


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