Monday was a public (and University) holiday, and this is school vacation week for my daughter, Kayla.  Flying in the face of all this official relaxation is the work scene.  So I was home on Monday, and working at a fevered pace on Tuesday.  Wednesday found me splitting my time between reading applications and doing vacation chores with Kayla (such as taking her for a haircut and to pick up a pair of lacrosse gloves).  More applications yesterday, plus I finally took care of some other too-easily-put-off  tasks that I have been meaning to do for weeks.  And here I am today, ready for the week’s Admissions Committee meeting.  We have low attendance this week, since most students are in Washington, DC, networking at the Career Trip.  But between the professors, about half the students, and the Admissions staff, there are enough heads to put together and come up with some decisions.

Given the week’s schedule, I haven’t been a diligent blogger.  With promises to do a bit better next week, I’ll close with links to some news that other people did me the favor of putting together.  First, the Tufts Daily ran a piece about Dean Bosworth and his multiple hats.  And Prof. Vali Nasr is everywhere, speaking about the difference between revolutions in Egypt and Iran, and on NPR discussing the Egyptian middle class.  Finally (and speaking of multiple hats), there’s second-year MALD student, Michelle Kwan, who uses her winter break and vacations to do a bit of diplomacy, including a January trip to Singapore.


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