On the one hand, applications will ideally speak for themselves, containing all the information the Admissions Committee could want regarding academic potential and professional experience.  On the other hand, sometimes something major changes, and we really want applicants to tell us about it.  While I don’t want to invite a blizzard of new paper, I want to encourage you to consider whether perhaps you should update us.  Here are a few examples, from a meeting this morning.

Applicant 1 returned to the U.S. from a Peace Corps posting in September.  We don’t have any information on what she has been doing since then.  If she has recently started a new job, she should certainly send us that information.

Applicant 2 tells us in the application that he intends to retake the TOEFL exam in February.  He should send us his scores immediately.

Ditto for Applicant 3, who recently retook the GRE.  Send us the unofficial scores while we’re waiting for the official score report.

Applicant 4 is completing the final year of his undergraduate studies.  He should send us a new transcript indicating fall semester grades, and spring semester course selections.

Applicant 5‘s delinquent recommender finally wrote the recommendation.  It’s not too late, Applicant 5!  Mail us that sealed envelope asap!

There are other examples, but I think you get the point.  If there’s a change to tell us about (and this happens more often than you might think), then tell us!  It’s the only way we’ll find out.  As time is very tight now, I encourage you to email your news.  Last call for updates!


2 Responses to Last call, folks!

  1. Thank you, Claire. I’m glad the post struck you as good advice.

  2. Claire says:

    That is a very good example and blog post that every applicant should read! As a fellow recruiter I’m surprised at how many applicants expect me to read their mind and know what’s going on in their academic and professional life. Update me people!

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