It’s March 1, which means we’re less than a month from decision release, and the focus is turning toward clean up.  Today’s the final deadline for the MIB and LLM programs, and there’s a scramble on to read any application for any of the programs that hasn’t been reviewed yet.  The different Admissions Committees are meeting for the last time(s), and there’s a growing parade of boxes around the office, in which files are placed according to their final admit/deny/waitlist destiny.

I’d like to tell you that starting the clean-up phase means we’re close to releasing decisions but, alas, this will take us a while.  Still, until this morning, there were several mountains of applications on my desk, and now I’m down to three little rubber-banded clusters.  I see many hours of work ahead for all of us, probably including some time around the office this weekend.  But we’ve been here before and step-by-step, everything will come together.

Later this week, I’ll start describing the different decision options, so that you’ll be able to interpret your decision letter.  Meanwhile, please double-check that you can access your GAMS account.  As I described last week, it’s an important detail to check off your list.


One Response to Clean-up time

  1. Gitari says:

    Hi Jessica

    I like the blog. Please keep it going…it is a joy to read. I am crossing my finger and hoping to be in the right box.

    Take care..greetings from Mombasa Kenya


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