In what is getting to be another annual Fletcher tradition, several students had great results in the University’s $100K Business Plan Competition last week.

Within the Social Entrepreneurship category, both the first-place and third-place teams included Fletcher students.  The first-place winner, Sanergy, with first-year MALD student Gaurav Tiwari on the team, developed a low-cost water-free toilet made of local materials for use in rural Kenya.

The third place team in the category, Educate Lanka, includes first-year MALD students Manjula Dissanayake and Sadruddin Salman, and aims to sponsor underprivileged children in Sri Lanka to provide them with an education.

Check out the coverage in MHT (Mass High Tech).  Congratulations to Gaurav, Manjula, Sadruddin, and all the people their ideas will inspire and help!

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  1. Manjula says:

    Thanks, Jessica!

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