April is a crazy time at Fletcher!  Classes are nearing their conclusion on the 29th, which should be enough to keep students busy.  But added to the reading, paper writing, and test taking, is a sudden burst of lectures and conferences that are the culmination of the year’s work of the School’s groups, programs, and faculty.

Cheating a bit by starting off on March 30, I’m going to list some of the events from which Fletcher students have been choosing.  Coming up, or recently passed, we have:

The Center for Emerging Markets Enterprise conference on country management.
The WSSS (Water:  Systems, Science and Society) symposium on Water in 2050.
The Tufts Institute for Global Leadership conference on A World of (wiki) Leaks.
The World Economic Forum at The Fletcher School.
The Killing Cash conference.

That may not even capture all the conferences since, for all I know, another notice will go out by email as soon as I post this blog entry.

And in addition to the conferences, there have been lectures (Bob Woodward) and films (The Dark Side of Chocolate) and book talks (Prof. Ian Johnstone) and more.  In sum, a zillion opportunities to learn (and procrastinate) before the end of the semester and exams.

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