Just a few days ago, the School was still busy with students completing exams and taking care of end-of-semester administrative stuff.  This week, by contrast, has been crazy quiet — hardly anyone around.  The weather hasn’t helped — some sort of weather system north of Maine is preventing the departure of the clouds that are keeping the East Coast soggy — but mostly it’s the abrupt change from “during the semester” to “after exams” that we’re adjusting to.

Despite the building’s quiet, there are certainly plenty of people around, particularly our soon-to-graduate students.  They’ve been busy with a full student-organized Dis-Orientation schedule.  (Dis-Orientation being a previous class’s catchy name for the week before Commencement:  a nice counter-balance to the official pre-Fletcher Orientation program.)  Museums, parties, tours, trivia contests — a full week of fun during which to prepare for the post-Commencement real world.


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