Friday-to-Sunday happy events marked my weekend.  Friday evening, I joined a pack of other parents taking pictures of our kids as they headed off to junior prom, an American rite of passage.  Meanwhile, at Fletcher, graduating students, alumni, staff, and faculty enjoyed the annual commencement weekend Fletcher clambake.

On Saturday, Mother Nature gave us a glorious break from our recent damp grey weather, with sunshine and warmth greeting students for Class Day.  After a quick burst of gardening (couldn’t miss out on the sun), I came up to campus to hear an inspiring speech from John Kerry (U.S. Senator from Massachusetts), and to wish students well and meet a few of their parents.

I enjoyed Class Day, but also regretted that I was attending it in place of Sunday’s commencement event, which I hear was wonderful.  (I read in The Boston Globe that there were ten local university commencements yesterday, and I was celebrating with family members at another of them.)  I’m just waiting to access photos from the Fletcher event on the website.

So much promise being launched in one day!  I’m sorry I missed the Fletcher ceremony, but it’s the accomplishments to come that really count.  Congratulations to Fletcher’s newest alumni!

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