The warm and fuzzy feelings hadn’t had a chance to fade, on the day after Commencement, when the construction teams moved in.  Tents used for graduation ceremonies were still standing on Fletcher Field, but that didn’t stop trucks from driving onto the nearby tennis courts to start a scheduled renovation project.  Walking through the Hall of Flags yesterday, I stopped to peer out the window at a tree-mulching truck that was chewing up the remains of a pruning exercise that preceded work on the exterior of our building.

Summer is prime construction time, and all the more so when the campus is quiet and the relatively small community that remains can be told to eat somewhere besides the Campus Center (which is being fitted with a long-awaited new air conditioning system).

Visiting this underpopulated construction zone may leave you with a funny sense of what Fletcher life is like, but don’t let that stop you.  If this is your only chance to come to campus, go ahead and plan your trip!  We’ll be holding information sessions on most Mondays throughout the summer.  We’ll do our best to make you feel welcome, even as you walk past the construction equipment.


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