Our newest staff member started yesterday!  Dan Birdsall has moved into the space formerly known as Peter’s office, and he’s settling into his new professional life in admissions.  I’m going to ask Dan to introduce himself in the blog a little later this summer.  For now, I can tell you that he’s going to make an unmatched contribution when it comes to helping prospective students envision their Fletcher experience.  He spent two years developing this keen sense of what Fletcher’s about — as a MALD student!  Dan graduated in May, and (as an old colleague of Peter’s) was the first person knocking at our door to express interest in the job.  It has been many years since we had a Fletcher alum working in the Admissions Office, and we’re very excited to welcome Dan to the team.


2 Responses to The new guy has arrived!

  1. What a nice forever colleague! Thanks, Peter! We missed you at our retreat today, but we made sure that Dan will be able to fill some of your role when we discuss cooking and eating.

  2. Peter says:

    Welcome, Dan, and happy first week!

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