For those who may not have been able to keep up with Fletcher alumni intrepid travelers profiled in the blog here and here, I’m ready to provide an update.  First, the latest on our team in Iceland, Charlie Scott and family.  I caught up with Charlie when I was in New York last weekend and heard more about the trip than I had read on his blog.  It sounds like a great adventure, and I was relieved to hear that, though his blog photos don’t show it, they did indeed see both the hay bales and rainbows that were a constant on my own trip to Iceland a few years ago.  Planning has begun for next summer’s adventure.  If (as Charlie is currently thinking) it includes the Alps, I’ll certainly let you know via the blog.

Still on the road are Alex and Colin, aka TeamFletchLooks like they’re close to the Mongolian border, despite a fuel shortage that they describe in their blog, and a need for duct tape that they describe in their twitter feed.

Should you find yourself with spare funds, consider a donation to TeamFletch’s charities.


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