The fall semester starts today.  Students and professors have returned.  Summer campus construction projects are complete.  And our source of fuel, the Mugar Café, is open again.  As if to ease our mental transition, the weather is cooperating, changing from a beautiful and hot summer day yesterday, to a cool and grey fall day today.

Along with the start of the fall semester (in my mind, anyway) comes the kick-off of the 2011-2012 admissions cycle!  Admissions staff summer vacations are a pleasant memory, and fall travel is in front of us.  Just because we experience this annual abrupt shift to fall doesn’t mean our applicants do, but with undergraduate students back to their own studies, the number of inquiry calls and emails we receive will be on a sharp upward swing this week and next.

Perhaps you’re also in the inquiry phase:  starting to engage with the process of researching and applying to graduate school.  Now is the perfect time to pack in your investigations!  And one way to stay on top of the Fletcher application process is by checking the blog.  You can check out topics that interest you now by scrolling through the categories. Want to be sure you don’t miss any valuable tips in the future?  Consider subscribing to the blog through an RSS feed or via email.  I especially suggest the email option.  Every day something new goes up on the blog, you’ll receive an email with the complete text.  Try it, and the tips and information you need will be delivered to your inbox.


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