Now that my post yesterday (or, more significantly, Roxana’s email to everyone on our list) has generated a lot of interview traffic, today’s blog will turn to Information Sessions for prospective students. Kristen and I spent a good bit of time this past summer thinking about what we should be including in an Information Session, resulting in a significant overhaul of session content.  Here, Kristen shares her thoughts with the blog:

As I led one of the summer’s Information Sessions, I thought it would be a good idea to share a little about what an Information Session feels like from the perspective of the Office of Admissions.  Easier said than done, it turns out, as I sit here thinking about how to articulate our ambivalent relationship with these Admissions Office fixtures.

On the one hand, an Information Session is exactly as the title implies:  a set block of time when we get to dump on you, the unsuspecting visitor, hundreds of bits of information, some relevant to you, some not.  Many of the details (degree requirements, application deadlines, extracurricular offerings) are available on the web, but sometimes people just find it more digestible when offered orally.  As such, dry though it may be, we try to be as comprehensive as possible about our six degree programs, 22 fields of study, three divisions, 550 students, 175 courses … you get the picture.  It can be lengthy (and this is the part we don’t love!), but we hope to provide enough relevant information so that a German interested in the LLM, a Japanese applicant to the MA, and a Bostonian interested in the MALD all get what they came for.

To complement all of this detail, we do our best to describe the character of the School (and this is the part we love!). You learned on the website that 45% of our students are international?  Well, let us tell you how that plays out in the classroom and what it means for your learning.  We mentioned our 30+ student clubs?  We’ll also talk more about how the active extracurricular life colors students’ Fletcher experience.  We really hope to give you a sense of what makes Fletcher tick.

Being able to pack all of this — both the facts and the fun — into one hour can be a challenge. We try to ensure we’re consistent about the information we present, but much depends, of course, on the presenters. During the academic year, most of our Information Sessions are given by a small team:  a pair of current students does the bulk of the work, and an admissions team member will present about the admissions process itself.  We find that this combination works well, as we all speak to what we actually do and know best.

Now, what does all this mean for you, visitors?  First, come prepared to listen.  It might seem like we talk a lot — and we do! — but if you know what you are listening for, there’s a good chance you’ll get what you need.  Second, come with questions.  We really, really appreciate when those questions might be of interest to the group as a whole (or at least much of the group).  Questions about how scholarship aid is determined?  Perfect!  On the other hand (much as we want you to head home with the information you need), a highly individual question on your personal qualifications might be best left to a follow-up email or individual conversation with an admissions counselor.

We really appreciate the time that our visitors take to get to know the School.  We realize that, for many of you, a visit entails taking a day off from work, traveling a distance, and planning out a schedule.  We want to reward those efforts  by helping you get the information you need.  Thanks for visiting!


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