Come visit us!

I wrote about putting together the interview schedule on Friday, and now I need to drum up a little business!  Without applicants wanting interviews, our interviewers risk going underemployed.  We don’t want that to happen, so I hope you’ll schedule a visit.  Of course, evaluative interviews are optional, but they’re also a useful way to share a little about yourself and learn a little about the School.  To book an appointment, email us, or call the office at +1.617 627-3040.

If you’d like to hold off on your interview, but you still want to visit to attend an Information Session, you can choose a date and schedule it yourself, or call/email if you prefer.

Last, if you’re an MIB or PhD applicant, consider spending a little extra time with us at one of our Visit Days.  Again, feel free to contact us directly to sign up, but whether you’re attending an MIB Visit Day or a PhD Visit Day, you can also schedule your visit yourself.

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